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  • Sunset news day 5

    Sunset news day 5

    What describes our day the best? Up…and down…up…and down… Yesterday night the wind slowly started to pick up from 10 to maximum 14 knots. We were prepared and the main sail was in it’s first reef already. Early in the morning it picked up to almost 15 knots and know it’s gusting up to 17...
  • Sunsetnews Day 4

    Sunsetnews Day 4

    Ahoy, Another beautiful day out in the big blue. Winds are still around 6-10 kn but not so much south anymore. That means we’re sailing pretty much north for now. We expect the winds to shift back to SE the closer we come to the equator so we can make a bit more east then....
  • Sunset news day 3

    Sunset news day 3

    Another cloudless day ends for us on the ocean. Today we sailed cross some of the Tuamotu atolls with wonderful sailing conditions. So we had to keep an eye open all the time, to not hit one of the barely visible outer reefs. The wind slowly shifted from south south east to south east as...
  • Sunsetnews Day 1

    Sunsetnews Day 1

    Ahoy, We left Papeete Harbor yesterday around sunset. We’re now 24 hours at sea and slowly adapt to he ryhtm of the ocean. The wind actually performs as predicted and we are making good east. We sailed over 160 nm since we left, that’s a pretty damn good number. Even though we had the engine...

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