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  • SunsetNews Day 3

    SunsetNews Day 3

    The wind plays tricks with us. 3 days out here and only 126 nm away from the bay. At the moment we’re sailing north. Yep absolutely right. That’s not where we wanted to go. But the wind shifts from 270° to 350° and varies in strength from as low as 3kn to nice and breezy...
  • SunsetNews Day 2

    SunsetNews Day 2

    Ahoy, Finally the wind found us, or did we find the wind? Doesn’t matter, I guess! What matters is that we’re sailing. Genoa, main and mizzen are holding strong against the 15kn breeze. The sea is still pretty calm with around 3ft and the sun warmed us the whole day. Beautiful. But our planned offshore...
  • SunsetNews Day 1

    SunsetNews Day 1

    Ahoy, We did it. With only 3hrs delay to the planned departure we left. Now that land is fading into grey and is constantly getting smaller the relaxation kicks in. A good feeling. Way better than this morning where the whole crew worked like horses to get the boat cleared for action. I build a...
  • SunsetNews day 0

    SunsetNews day 0

    Ahoy, It’s been such a journey the last few months. After 14 month in the boatyard with countless hours of hard work in a dirty dusty desert place with temperatures far beyond comfort level and even the water wasn’t far away.. no feel of the ocean at all. These days were hard times. Exhausting times...
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